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Welcome to

Team Invictus


Invictus Sports Medicine is a private physical therapy clinic in the North Chicagoland area devoted to improving the lives of patients through individualized, one-on-one care. "Invictus" means unconquerable and in our clinic, we understand the body's resilience but also its demand for specific attention to decrease pain, optimize function, and maximize performance. We keep up with current research to continue achieving excellent outcomes in sports medicine rehabilitation, as well as working with individuals of all walks of life get back to the level of activity they desire. Our treatment philosophy includes a combination of manual therapy, therapeutic exercise, and a strong emphasis on patient education to not only help you get back to your active self but equip you with the knowledge to stay healthy and prevent future injuries!

Why choose Invictus?


Patients will be evaluated and treated by a Doctor of Physical Therapy and will continue working with their evaluating therapist throughout the duration of care to optimize progress between sessions. A combination of specific hands-on manual therapy and therapeutic exercise will be utilized to address the body as a whole in working towards patient goals. 


Recovery from an orthopedic surgery can be a long and trying process and rehabbing with someone you trust is important. We are experienced and educated to take that journey with you from before surgery, to the first day post-op, all the way through the end. Whether you're working through an ACL reconstruction to get back on the field or a total joint replacement aiming to dance at an upcoming wedding, Invictus Sports Medicine is the team to help get you there. 


We are familiar with the physical demands of sports of every nature and tailor treatment to restore strength and mobility, optimize movement and power, and gradually reintroduce specific stresses needed to compete at any level. Through use of video analysis, running/throwing protocols, and communicating with trainers and coaches we take a comprehensive approach from an experienced perspective to get you back to sport. 


Rehabbing an injury can be frustrating, but in the process we aim to keep you as active as possible without affecting progress. We will help teach you to modify activities  that are important to you so that you can keep doing the things that you love while addressing the areas of impairment.



In a day and age where options are abundant and time can be limited, we emphasize not only treating injuries but educating patients. With longer treatment sessions at Invictus Sports Medicine, we strive to help patients understand their injuries, options for interventions, and methods for further progress to achieve long term improvement and future injury prevention. 

The medical professions are constantly changing and we stay on top of knowing and applying best practices to get you better, faster. Through utilization of early mobilization, Blood Flow Restriction (BFR), dry needling, and more, we apply modern techniques supported by research in our approach to improvement.

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